Dealer Opportunity

Becoming a UPG dealer At UPG we look to develop long-term, win-win relationships with our dealers. We work hard to ensure we provide dealers with the products and services which help grow their business. We welcome feedback from our dealers and look to work closely with them to develop new and innovative products which will be appealing to their customers.

Competitive Prices Welcome to UPG where great prices, great availability and great service makes us your first and last place to shop for high quality tools, fixings and building supplies. We also offer attractive seasonal and promotional deals to support our dealers to generate incremental sales.

Our Brands With our wide portfolio brands, we can address a wide variety of product categories and dealer requirements. This is one of the advantages of dealing with UPG. We can offer a full range of diverse products from a single point, with incentives and deals across our portfolio, to meet our dealers' needs.