WellCut WC-SDS12 Piece SDS Plus Chisel & Drill Bit Set with 12 Pieces

“Everything you will need in an easy smart case. You can’t buy these bits cheaper on their own without the set. Just makes sense.” - Kane Davis

This WELLCUT 12 Piece SDS Plus Chisel & Drill Bit Set is designed for fast and easy hole drilling on Concrete, Brick, Stone, and other hard materials. Can be used with all SDS/SDS plus brands including Bosch, Hilti, Milwaukee, Makita, and Dewalt. Compact storage case makes this product easy to move with on the go and easy to put into a drawer of on a shelf. Made from S2 steel ensuring a solid build.

Product Features

  • RANGE OF CHISELS - A wide range of chisels to get any job demand completed. All SDS shank as standard for SDS drills that have higher tier performance.
  • ULTRA SHARP - Designed with and built from S2 steel for maximum chisel performance.
  • SDS PLUS FIXTURE - SDS plus fixtures will allow for all SDS drilling purposes. Designed for SDS drills.
  • PORTABLE STORAGE CASE - A convenient storage case is included to ensure your bits stay organised.
  • VERSATILE AND APPLICABLE - In most cases, this product is commonly used for demolition purposes mainly used on concrete and masonry materials.

Contents Of This Product

The contents of this product include:

  • SDS drill bits sizes: Ø5 x 110mm, Ø6 x 110mm, Ø8 x 160mm, Ø10 x 160mm, Ø12 x 160mm, Ø14 x200mm, Ø16 x 210mm, Ø18 x 300mm and Ø20 x 450mm
  • Pointed SDS Chisel: 1 x 250mm
  • Flat SDS Chisel: 1 x 250 x 20mm
  • Half Round SDS Chisel: 1 x 250mm x 20mm
Part NoWC-SDS12

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